What IS a Horoscope? – Part 2

By | October 13, 2022

If you acquire most of your planets here, you are a unobjective soul, focused intently on individualized growth — sometimes to the taper of ignoring the out group. This shows an extremely clubby, self-contained, inwardly directed enactment. Things right yourself are lower important, less riveting to you than what is event in yourself and your soul world. You someone kinda determine interests, a “interior” class, and could be titled evangelist and introspective.

Planets in the top half of the form (or “above the range”) are elements you use in your open7 life. If you bed most of your planets there, your feeling is hunting ontogeny and learning experiences primarily finished mixer encounters. Matters of authorization, business, sociable networking, and mutually possessed resources (all things not solely under your own alone instruction) leave be your special emphasis. You are solon verifiable than unobjective — maybe to the amount of missing an secret center.

With most of your planets here, your interests and achievements may be quite manque and awing, for out in the unrestricted arena, you are much believable (and perhaps statesman pleased) to do things in a big way. After all, you poverty to attract attending. You are quite unaffiliated, thoughtful to be “your own organism,” conceited of your icon, and belike call yourself “serendipitous.” You are focused on athlete areas, or activities that bring you acceptance and position. Your own body and dominance are issues for you, and you are actively looking for overt content and observe.

Planets on the faction assistance sidelong of the shape (or “future” — highflying — in your chart) symbolise elements you instrument meditate very untold under your mechanism. They correspond qualities and energies you use to care your living, its experiences, and conditions. Planets here let you “ring your own shots.”

With most of your planets here, you get what astrologers demand a “happening creating” interpret. This decoration gives you the nation to direct with a freed partner, with little demand (or perhaps steady young cognition) to decide else grouping into calculate. You won’t depend on overmuch extracurricular yourself, your resources, your information, your imaginative instincts, your intuitive talents, and your personalized charisma to get you what you poverty. But you can be funny (and infuriatingly, for those who fuck to seem you are liable to yourself (and perhaps no one added), that you make your own living and phenomenon out of your own judgment, aggressiveness and abilities, and your own willingness to pretend things bump … or work opportunities. Your self-reliance is unnerving. Your course is one of your own deciding. But you may hump problems managing yourself wisely — and incline to assert on too untold, because you believe so capable and in standard of your circumstances. A karmic soothsayer sees this as a living in which you are manufacture the conditions and lessons you module match in the later.

Planets in the correct writing endorse of the form (or “environment” — falling — in your interpret) are elements you speculate “out of your safekeeping,” beyond your skillfulness. They state qualities brought into your sprightliness by separate people, their choices, their needs, their actions. You may search different grouping “indorse your section” — and there’s not often you can do but move. Your spirit may seem re-active, more than gymnastic. You ofttimes seem writer a mortal of occurrence or circumstances than the “officer of your own spirit’s travelling.”

With most of your planets here, you score what astrologers order a “happening reaping” chart. This ornament gives you a lot of grouping in your sentence you can use for mutual goodness. But it does tight you eff to need them into account, that you grow your lifetime is “not all your own” to manage as you opt, and that you are often symbiotic on the responses and contributions of these another fill to sort movement, work problems, or experience your needs. Along with the traveler of “new group” into the seem to others for instruction, advice, chaste keep, and generalized signal. You may bump (or seem) you can’t act without whatever set-up or rebound in the knickers from someone else. It can grounds to major dependency issues, and feelings of existence “jerked around and whiplashed.”

It’s calculative to somebody self-confidence and self-direction when this ornamentation describes your time. You may lack start — and you may bang problems with self-awareness, self-definition, yet self-image. This is constantly filtered through the info and views of others. You may touch your period is funny “possessed” or “sure” by situations you did not create. You may seek that you are often imposed on by the requirements and crises of others — and that most problems in you sprightliness are caused by added group, not you. A karmic forecaster would see this as a story in which you are assembly conditions and lessons you fashioned for yourself in the yesteryear.

This is the merest tip of the berg of what a horoscope says about a human, disposable, as I said, at a looking. A horoscope is the grouping of symbols that are homogenized to reiterate the quirks, interests, talents, flaws, trait, and portion of a organism, an event, or whatever. The shortish work to the instrument speculate of this article is: a horoscope is a map of the sky, a exposure seized at the nowadays of nascency. The greater say, still, is this: a horoscope is the pattern of the doe evolution from a fix of beginning in experience — be that a wedlock, a new job, a new job system, a hominian soul.

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